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 What is a Virus?

 What is a RooKit?


Online Scan and Removal Tools

ESET Online Scanner
F-Secure Online Scanner
Kaspersky Security Scan
Kaspersky Free Tools
Bitdefender QuickScan

I am searching the web for the lates utilities and removers

I will be arranging them into categories - the tools above are ones we approve and use,

The Tools below here may be new and untested by our staff - we will be testing and catloging the ones that work

Sophos Virus Removal Tool
Kaspersky Security Scan
ClamWin Fireclam (FF)
Ainvo Antivirus 
Bitdefender 60-Second
Cezurity Antivirus Scanner
9-Lab Removal Tool (beta)
Portable antivirus/antimalware:
Spybot Portable
ClamWin Portable
Most Features - Very Slow
Trend Micro HouseCall




Spywareblaster  is a prevention program. Spywareblaster is all about prevent and protect.
















You Can Remove Viruses From an Infected PC for Free

I have put together the best in COMPLETELY FREE utilities and software for removing Viruses, Malware, RootKits and other malicious and Potentially Unwanted programs (PUPS). These are just a few of the tools we use daily to keep our clients safe and secure.

Written by By Flicker Thomas CEO FlickerTel Inc.    Updated 1/23/2015

Step 1

Use Internet Explorer for best results

Mozilla Firefox and Chrome
When you are using Mozilla Firefox or Chrome Internet Browsers and click on the "Run ESET Online Scanner" you will only have the option to save the file since these programs do no allow you to run them directly. Take note of where the file download location is since you will need to locate the file and double-click the file to run the program.
Internet Explorer
When you are using Internet Explorer and you click on "Run ESET Online Scanner"  The program downloads and run.
Step 2                                                      
Norman Malware Cleaner
We highly recommend you also download and run the free version of Norman Malware Cleaner Located HERE  to detect and remove additional malware and viruses.


Norman Malware DETECTS and REMOVES threats and actively running malicious processes other removal programs cannot detect.


**We recommend downloading Norman Malware Cleaner on another computer and copy to Flash drive or burn to CD**

**Do not download it From The Internet on an infected PC if at all possible - copy  Norman file to desktop from a flash drive or DVD and then run**


Step 3

To finish the removal process download and update Malwarebytes located HERE and then run a full scan with updated Malwarebytes. This will remove other vicious malware and gets rid of the KoobFace virus and the Conficker worm.

Presented by  and  

By Flicker Thomas 9/05/2012

Use Internet Explorer for best results

If You can connect to the Internet:

If you can load a web page and surf the Internet run the Eset Online Scanner virus removal tool HERE. Remember, you must be connected to the Internet. After Eset Online Scanner installs and then downloads some updates and has started scanning your computer files you should disconnect your computer from the Internet. Make sure you run the Norman Malware Cleaner as well.

Believe it or not  you still have work to do. Download and update Malwarebytes located HERE and then run a full scan with updated Malwarebytes  to finish the removal process. This will remove other vicious malware and gets rid of the KoobFace viruses and the Conficker worm.

If You cannot connect to the Internet:

Follow the steps below at "My PC is Infected and I Cannot connect to the Internet" To  to see if you can establish an active connection to the Internet. If you still cannot connect to the Internet after following those steps go to another computer and download  Norman Malware Cleaner  and burn to CD or use a USB Flash drive and run Norman on the infected PC.

If you can get connected to the Internet run Eset and Norman Malware Cleaner. If you still cannot connect to the Internet you may have to reformat your computer or take it in for service. Stay tuned as I will be offering more Internet connectivity tips.


My PC is Infected and I Cannot connect to the Internet To Scan My PC !!!

First - try the  "Safe Mode With Networking" procedure below. If that does not work try next step below to get connected to the Internet.
  REMOVAL HINT: If your PC is infected you can start windows in "Safe Mode With Networking" to see if you can connect to the Internet. In "Safe Mode" or "Safe Mode With Networking" many Viruses' and Malicious Programs have limited ability to interact and/or cause problems with your PC.  

How to start Windows in "Safe Mode With Networking"

Applies to all versions of Microsoft Windows


Second - If the virus has disabled your PC and you are unable to connect to the Internet, the malicious software may have set your LAN (Local Area Network) settings to use a proxy server, which is an incorrect setting unless you are in a business network with an Administrator.

To verify or correct this setting go to start>control panel> click on Internet Options icon and choose the “connection” tab, and then click on the “LAN Settings” make sure the settings are set to “Automatically Detect Settings”



Another Useful Tool for killing actively running Root Kits and Viruses is the Sophos Anti-Rootkit program. Use this removal tool with EXTREME CAUTION - YOU CAN WRECK YOUR PC OR VALUABLE SOFTWARE PROGRAMS If YOU REMOVE CRITICAL FILES !!!
Sophos Anti-Rootkit  Detects and Remove Stubborn Viruses, Spyware and Rootkits

More Online Virus and Spyware Scanners That Detect and Remove Threats


FREE Virus  Removal Tools - Download Removal Tools For Specific Viruses    
Red bullet Norman Malware Cleaner - BEST TOOL FOR Removing MULTIPLE THREATS - Use With Eset Online Scanner/Removal Tool    
Red bullet bitdefender Removal Tools   Red bullet McAfee Stinger
Red bullet Kaspersky Free Online Scanner and Removal   Red bullet Symantec Virus Removal Tools
Red bullet Kaspersky free virus removal tools   Red bullet Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2011
Red bullet TDSSKiller - Finds and Removes TDSS Root Kit    









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